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Nate Drummond
Gabrielle Gosselin
52 Centers Point Rd
Bowdoinham, ME
(207) 666-8135

Please feel free to contact us if you would like more information about our farm and our produce. Or better yet, schedule a farm visit. We are happy to show visitors around the farm!

The Farm

Maine Farmland Trust

Six River Farm is a diverse organic vegetable farm located on the shores of Merrymeeting Bay in Bowdoinham, Maine. Unusual for the state, we have incredibly flat fields with rich, fertile soil and almost no rocks. Our fields extend right to the edge of the bay, where we often eat lunch and watch ducks and the occasional bald eagle passing overhead. We strive to farm in a manner that is healthy, both for our customers and for this unique ecosystem that surrounds us.

We lease thirteen acres and own seven acres of tillable land. We currently grow nine acres of vegetables and manage the remainder of the land for crop rotation. We grow a wide range of produce and offer it seasonally at local farmers markets, as well as to several restaurants and natural food stores in the area. Of course, we couldn’t do all this work just on our own. We hire a small crew of employees who are indispensable to our farm. Together we work long, hard hours with good humor and cooperation.

Our farm is certified organic by MOFGA, the Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association. This means that we use only naturally occurring substances to control pests and add soil nutrients. We do not use any chemical pesticides or synthetic fertilizers.

The key to the ecological sustainability of our farm and the healthiness of our produce is the heath of our soil. Soil that is rich in nutrients and high in organic matter and biological activity produces vegetables that are high in nutritional value and taste. Healthy soil also results in fewer pests and weeds and less soil erosion.

To build the health of our soil we rely on green manures; crops, such as oats and clover, which add nutrients and organic matter to the soil. The land at Six River Farm is rotated between green manure crops and vegetable crops. In this way one year’s green manure crops provide the necessary nutrients for the next year’s vegetable crops. If you are interested in learning more about what feeds the vegetables that feed you, please contact us.


Maine Farmland Trust

At Six River Farm we use sustainable farming practices for the health of our land and our community. We are MOFGA certified organic.

Our mission is to:

~ Grow high quality, nutritious produce for local consumers and ourselves.
~ Farm in an ecologically sustainable manner by building our soil quality and minimizing the use of non-renewable resources.
~ Operate at an economically viable level that supports the financial needs of a family.
~ Provide a safe and healthy working environment for ourselves, our family, and our employees.
~Contribute positively to the health and well-being of the community in which we live.